<h2>Nobody is thought to be ignorant of <strong>Strada lex</strong></h2>



Strada lex provides you with a single search bar.

Enter the desired words and Strada lex’s ultra-powerful search engine will explores all the documents in order to present you with the most pertinent results, after just a few seconds.

Would you like to limit your search in an article of law, an author or a date? All those specific searches, and may more besides, are possible.

Strada lex also allows:

  • The use of Boolean operators (OR, AND NOT…)
  • The search for exact expressions
  • The search for truncations
  • The combination of groups of words
  • The use of proximity operators

Singular/plural, masculine/feminine, combined forms, synonyms and inflected forms are automatically sought on your behalf.

Strada is powered by DBiT a subsidiary of Larcier