<h2>Nobody is thought to be ignorant of <strong>Strada lex</strong></h2>

About us

Strada lex – The flexible, made-to-measure digital solution for your document

Access, from anywhere and at any time, thanks to the Strada lex database, the legal information that your profession needs.

Strada lex constitutes today the most complete trilingual legal documentary supply in Belgium. On a single website, all aspects of the legislation, jurisprudence and doctrine in every branch of law are assembled, i.e. more than 2.5 million documentary references.

A true made-to-measure search tool, Strada lex enables you to access the relevant information quickly and directly, by offering you:

  • Permanently updated legal documentary sources
  • Numerous legal references
  • Fast and simplified searches
  • Precise, relevant results
  • Filters for directly accessing the essential results 

  • A pleasant, ergonomic presentation
  • A personalized legal watch
  • An efficient and intelligent search engine
  • The “cross-language” function for obtaining results in three languages
  • A mobile version envisaged for tablets and smartphones<0}

Simple, fast and efficient searches

Strada lex offers you reliable, top-quality information. Better still, its search engine makes it easy for you to find the information that interests you. Where and when you want.

Benefiting from the latest technologies, the Strada lex search engine explores more than 2.5 million documents for you and rapidly presents you with the most relevant results.

Thus, Strada lex guarantees you:

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Transversal research relating to the entire contents 

  • More filters for faster access to the desired documents
  • Visible filters before the search in order to restrict the number of results upstream 

  • Numerous navigation-facilitating links between the documents 

  • Possibility of copying/pasting, printing or saving the contents 

  • Document authenticity certification
  • Easier access to the documents thanks to the search field and its suggestions

A Personalized Workspace: MyStrada

For all law professionals, access to up-to-date legal information is a must. MyStrada constitutes a documentary watch tool that offers you a whole host of services:

  • Retrieve your saved searches by a single click 

  • Access the history of your searches 

  • Quickly retrieve your saved documents
  • Receive the updates that interest you thanks to the e-alert system

Free Personalized Training

Be sure to make optimal use of Strada lex: ask us for some free personalized training by contacting us on 0800 39 067 or at info@stradalex.com. We will make an appointment for you.

Personalized Assistance

Do you have any questions? Are you coming up against any technical or practical difficulties? Our Customer Service Department is at your entire disposal (tel.: 0800 39 067 – fax: 0800 39 068 – info@stradalex.com).

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