<h2>Nobody is thought to be ignorant of <strong>Strada lex</strong></h2>


A veritable virtual legal library, Strada lex now offers the most complete supply of trilingual legal documents in Belgium. On a single website, all aspects of the legislation, jurisprudence and doctrine in every branch of law are assembled, i.e. than 2,5 million documentary references. The reviews and contents of several publishers as well as the main official public sources are permanently updated in French, Dutch and English.

Official sources

Save precious time: Strada lex centralises more than 30 Belgian, European and international official sources.

The various official legal documents are repatriated as and when each source is put on line and are presented according to their nature and their publication date. Hyperlinks also enable you to access the various preliminary work pieces by means of a single click.


Case law



Coordinated legislation

The Coordinated Legislation tab includes a huge legislative selection coordinated by the authors and by the Larcier’s teams.

This package includes:

  • On the one hand, the Strada lex Legislation, which gives access, for every subscriber to Strada lex, to the main coordinated norms with a track record going back over several years.
  • On the other, the Codes Larcier, the Codes belges Bruylant, the Codes essentiels Larcier and a selection of Codes thématiques Larcier, as well as a selection of Codes en poche Bruylant.

For each legislative document, you can consult the previous versions. Indeed, a time-line presents, clearly and simply, the history of each text. This new functionality enables you to surf from one version to another, to consult two versions side-by-side and to compare two versions. With a couple of clicks, you have a clear overview of the changes.

The collections of Codes available on Strada lex:

  • Les Codes Larcier
  • Les Codes belges Bruylant
  • Les Codes thématiques Notariat
  • Les Codes thématiques Huissiers de justice

This on-line legislation offers to you a monthly update (co-ordinated and annotated texts) and quicker consultation via content tables, alphabetical tables or chronological tables.

Permanent collection of legal reviews

With more than 30 years of archives, the Permanent Collection of Legal Reviews (the new RAJB) is a compilation of the summaries of case-law decisions and the titles of doctrine articles emanating from more than 150 Belgian legal reviews. It contains more than 300,000 case-law and doctrinal references listed in French and Dutch and classified by branch of law according to the official legal classification in Belgium: UTU (Universele Thesaurus Universel) of the Federal Public Service Justice.

This way you are guaranteed to find results classified according to the same structure as the one used on official public websites.

With Hans Van Bossuyt and Jean-François van Drooghenbroeck as its scientific editors, the PCLR is updated daily and has hyperlinks referring to the complete texts of more than half of the analysed reviews.

All the references of the PCLR are accessible via the “Review” tab, the theme-based table of the UTU, or by review title.

More than 130 reviews

Strada lex gives you access to more than 130 legal reviews (certified by electronic signature), including that of the Larcier’s various publishing brands and those of partner publishers. The following are available as complete text, with about ten years of archives on average per review: Strada lex enables you to consult the contents tables of all the available reviews. Moreover, the on-line publication on Strada lex is faster than that of the paper version.


Association pour le droit des étrangers


Délégation des Barreaux de France

Fondation des Annales du Notariat et de l'Enregistrement


Jeunesse & Droit


La Charte / Die Keure


Larcier Business





Roularta Media Group

Sage Publishing

Story Publishers

Vanden Broele

Wijffels Advocaten

The Notarial Repertoire - Permanent Legal Encyclopaedia

Edited by Myriam Carpenter-Harmel, Frederic Georges and Jean-Louis Van Boxstael, this veritable permanent legal encyclopaedia of Belgian law and comparative law is available on Strada lex in its entirety. Nearly 30,000 pages of doctrine and more than 1,100 models of reusable bilingual acts on the screen (in RTF format) can be browsed in seconds following a single search.

Le Manuel Permanent des Baux à Loyer et Commerciaux

An answer to all your questions on the lease!

The lawyer, the justice of the peace, the notary or the real estate expert can not do without the Manuel Permanent des Baux à Loyer et Commerciaux. Why has the Manual become an indispensable work tool? This interchangeable sheet edition provides in-depth, practice-oriented legal information. Its success is due to the accessibility and practical utility of the information provided. A team of experts, under the supervision of Nathalie Puissant, ensures its relevance and continuous improvement.

Updated four times a year through four supplements, the Manuel Permanent des Baux à Loyer et Commerciaux informs you of important legislative changes and case law decisions in the area of leases. The Manual contains templates, practical tips and case studies.

Comparitive Law JurisClasseur

The Comparative Law JurisClasseur studies the basic principles of the private law of 50 countries, mainly family law and inheritance law (capacity, marriage, divorce, adoption, succession…) and presents the rules that apply in the event of conflict.

About 2,000 Monographs

Strada lex contains about 2,000 monographs published by the Larcier’s publishing brands (Bruylant, Larcier Business, Promoculture-Larcier) and by partner publishers such as EDI Pro and Knops Publishing.

Activate the electronic version of your monograph on Strada lex by means of the code printed on the back cover.

Facilitate your research via the classification per collection per publisher.

Interest Calculator

The Interest Calculator allows you to calculate the interest in several ways, with various types of rate, interim payments, deduction modes of those interim payments, etc. It can inter alia be used in the context of formal notices to pay (e.g. for unpaid invoices) but also for judgements and in other situations.

The Interest Calculator is intended to make the calculation of interest simple, fast and economic, whatever the amount of the principal. The tool uses the latest interest rates in effect: legal rate; late payment rate; main refinancing rate of the European Central Bank.

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